Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Big Sister

This is my big sister. And today is her birthday. And let me tell you, you all wish you had a big sister like her. 

I have plenty of stories about Anna. Stories about her hate of spiders, stories about her impeccable fashion sense, stories about driving with her, stories about the epic battles we fought both against and alongside each other. There is the time she got in trouble because I decided to run away. The time she left me in that dark hallway all by myself so that the ghosts would get me while she was safe in the bathroom. I love the one about how she took me down to San Diego when I started college. And I will never forget  that she called me up and surprised me the day after I got engaged. She drove 4+ hours just for the chance to celebrate a new a chapter in my life for an evening. We are have not always been the best of friends, but I can tell you, I have learned so much from being Anna Thomson's little sister. (I use the name Thomson because for the majority of our sisterhood we were Thomsons. She is now Quinn and I, Wilhelm. But we are united in the family Thomson) 

In tribute to one of the greatest teachers God has given me, I will pass on some of the knowledge that life with Anna imparted.... 

Things I learned from Anna: 

1) Going Second is Always Simpler.
you get the chance to see someone else do it first. you follow in their footsteps or take an easier path. i would not have lead the life i did had i been the first born. anna, i am forever in your debt.

2) Just Adore Her
you may not always understand why someone is the way they are. but love them. see the good. give grace to the bad. anna has always accepted me the way i am. even when it makes things harder for her. i have never wondered if she loved me. i know she adores me. the love of someone near to you can give you so much confidence in life. just adore them and watch how they will soar. 

3) "Let Your Level of Intimacy Match Your Level of Commitment"
i remember the moment i heard anna say this. laying in bed as we talked about boys. but i carry it with me still. don't give more of your heart than you have committed to that person. or they have committed to you. relationships take time to gain depth. allow that time. 

4) You've Kinda Gotta Roll with the Crazy
life does some insane things. goes places you didn't know it would. it can be beautiful. it can also be hard. very hard. sometimes you go crazy along with it. i have watched my big sister go through some amazing things. she has so much grace for others. i love when she has grace for herself. she lets go and rolls with the punches. crazy looks good on her. and i'm proud of the woman she is. 

5) We're Quite Entertaining
if nothing else, i love to laugh with my sisters. i mostly just watch them be entertaining. this kind of goes with the crazy thing. they are nuts. but they are so much fun to be around. i am glad i never experienced one day of my life without my sister anna. she make it so fun! the A-Team would have been lost with out the ring-leader of our circus.

Happy Birthday! I love you so much! Thanks for being my sister. For being one step ahead. Showing me the way. For all you've taught me. For loving me. For laughing with me (and at me). You're pretty much the coolest person I know.